Are real estate agents honest?

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Are real estate agents honest?Improve or get left behind

It’s been said that you have to constantly improve your skills and tools in order to succeed. If you just stand still, you’ll fall behind because everyone else is moving forward. I get that. It makes sense. Whole industries have sprung up to help folks find the secret to success. An industry as competitive as real estate is fertile ground for this kind of thing.

This week, I spent a day at a technology conference designed mostly for real estate agents and brokers, but there were a few “outsiders” there. It was all about discovering new tips, tricks and techniques to help us do our jobs better. The whole point was to showcase new technologies and techniques that can be useful in a changing world. A lot of what was talked about, I’m already using, so that made me happy. 

I did, though, learn about a couple of new tools, and couple of new ways to use old tools. That made me really happy. I’m excited to get those put into the rotation. I believe they will help not only me, but my clients. On the whole, it was well worth my time to spend the day at the conference.

What I remember most

The thing I remember most about the conference was a speaker who was speaking on the issue of getting the general public to talk to us. It’s a whole ‘nother blog post, but suffice it to say that real estate agents have done a spectacular job of getting people to want to not talk to us. Most people dread our calls and emails, even when they desperately want to hear what we have to say. They dread hearing from us, even when we’re answering a question they’ve asked us directly. So, often usually, they will completely ignore us agents any time we speak. Getting people to listen is becoming harder and harder.

This particular speaker had a few tricks up her sleeve to get people to open her emails and reply, or to call her. As she spoke, I heard a few people in the audience respond with comments like, “Omigod, that’s so clever!” (As an aside, that was not my response.)

Ironically, just after she spoke, we took a break. As we do during breaks, I checked my voicemail and email. Wouldn’t you know it? There was an email from someone I’d never heard of, trying to sell me something I never told him I was interested in.

He was using the very same “clever, tricky techniques” our speaker had laid out for us just moments ago.

Here’s the thing. It wasn’t tricky. It wasn’t clever.

It was deceitful.

Are real estate agents honest?

In this day and age, are real estate agents honest? I, for one, would prefer to not begin a relationship with my clients based on deceit.

Are real estate agents honest? I know I am. Give me a call, and we can talk about it.

Until next time, remember I’m never too busy for your referrals.




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