Blog post recap: June 12, 2012


Highlands Ranch real estate | Randall Brennan REALTORThe summary of blog posts since the last recap:

Real estate market conditions report, June 4

The national real estate market continues to improve, and the local market is even better than that.

The contract: the rest of mutual assent

A continuation of the discussion about the necessary elements of a contract. The concept of mutual assent was broken into two posts, and this is the second of them. The first, Offer and acceptance, was posted the week previously. [Edit: this post was converted in to a website page.]

Mortgage loan preapproval

A short discussion about why it is becoming necessary to get your loan pre-approved, before you submit an offer on a house. [Edit: this post was converted to a website page.]

Office meeting

A discussion on what to expect when we meet to discuss your real estate search strategy. [Edit: this post was converted to a website page.]

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