Foreclosure tours

Randall Brennan | Highlands Ranch real estate | foreclosure toursForeclosures are a big part of the real estate market these days. I’m beginning a semi-regular series of tours of foreclosures (REO properties), so that you can see what is available, and what it takes to make an investment in such a property. We will usually tour with a lender who specializes in rehab financing, and maybe a contractor if we can find one who wants to go along. I spent several years of my career exclusively representing the banks that owned the foreclosures, and I’ve seen a lot. Between my experiences and knowledge, the lender’s, and the contractor’s, you will get a real feel for what this is all about and what it will take to be successful as a buyer of one of the foreclosures flooding the market.

You can read more about buying foreclosures by clicking here. Check the upcoming dates on the calendar, and just drop me a little note with this form, or give me a call at 720-258-6211 to reserve your spot. I look forward to meeting you!

The next foreclosure tour is scheduled for June 29, 2013, and the spots could fill up quickly. Click here to register and claim your spot and then mark your calendar for an interesting and eye-opening tour!

I look forward to seeing you there.