Randall's View

Buying real estate

Buying real estate can be one of the most exciting processes you’ll ever go through, or it can be one of the most frustrating. To help insure that it’s more the former than the latter, it’s really, really important to know what you’re doing, and follow the process.

Earnest money promissory notes

Some buyers, however, in order to protect themselves against the perceived strength of the seller, refuse to back up their earnestness with cash. Instead, they offer a different kind of asset.

“I’m the #1 real estate agent!”

I’m the person who cares most about getting you through your real estate transaction quickly, easily, and profitably. After you, no one else even comes close.

The two types of real estate agents

There are two very, very different types of real estate agents. I’ve seen each group look with disdain and complete incomprehension at the other. They are so different, they find it just about impossible to “get” the other.

Reorganizing the website and blog

Reorganizing the website and blog has been a major focus for the past few days. In the long run, it will make sense, but the short-term cost might have been pretty high.

The meaning of success

The true irony of success is that those who can help us achieve it — our clients — tend to be right next to us, but we are so focused looking over the fence at those successful agents “over there” that we don’t even see them. Just as we need to align our businesses with ourselves, we need to let our clients align themselves with our businesses.

The need and value of staging the kitchen

In reality, when you put your home on the market, it should feel like something you would want to live in. If it’s something you want to live in, then it’s sure to be something that someone else wants to live in.

You need to price your property right

No matter how you slice-and-dice it, you want your property to be ready to sell the day it hits the market. You don’t want to be doing anything that will delay you getting it under contract.

Even in a sellers market, we have to play by the rules

The real estate market is showing some really small signs of slowing down right now. It’s been crazy, so this slow down really only means that we are moving from a strong sellers’ market to a sellers’ market.

Is a crazy real estate market the new normal?

I’ve posted a few times in the past several months about how crazy our market is, and every time I hit the “publish” button, it gets crazier. Folks, the trend is continuing.

Are you losing money by not using a real estate agent?

There’s an undercurrent among buyers and sellers that real estate agents are too expensive, and that we literally take thousands — and thousands — of dollars out of our clients’ pockets. The desire to bypass a real estate agent can be strong.

The real estate business is an odd business

In most transactions, the buyer and the seller each have an agent. Each of those agents has two goals: take care of their respective clients, and get the house sold. In order to do the former, the agents need to compete. To successfully complete the latter, however, the agents must cooperate.

Are real estate agents honest?

This particular speaker had a few tricks up her sleeve to get people to open her emails and reply, or to call her. As she spoke, I heard a few people in the audience respond with comments like, “Omigod, that’s so clever!” (As an aside, that was not my response.)

Going paperless: lessons learned

The things I generate as I go through a transaction, but aren’t worthy of scanning and saving electronically just need to be saved. That’s all. Just saved. What an epiphany! What a time saver!

Market Snapshot is back!

It’s really the trend we’re concerned about. The great annoyance was that the system used to generate the Market Snapshot hit a snag, and it took longer to resolve that than I had hoped. If you’ve been keeping track of the monthly changes from the Market Snapshot, know that we’ve had a reset on the data.

Are real estate agents obsolete?

The predictions of the death of the real estate agency model came from everywhere, and a lot of them pointed to the collapse of the travel agency model as proof that consumers could get along quite well without any agent skimming homeowners’ profits.

We’re not getting any showings!

Selling a house is an emotional process, and you need to recognize that. You also need to recognize that you might not be getting physical showings that you can see and count, but very likely you are getting showings. You’re just getting showings you don’t know about.

Clearing out the clutter

Lately, I’ve been noticing the crap in my office seems to be multiplying at an accelerated rate. It’s closing in on me fast. For the past few days, I’ve been making a concerted effort to deal with it so I can get back to what, for me, is “normal,” which orderly shelves and cabinets, clear work surfaces, and a dearth of clutter.