How it works

Renting vs. buying

There are real financial advantages to owning your home. Here’s a way to figure out your situation.

Is staging necessary?

The third variable in the selling equation is the packaging. Some marketers think this is the most important piece because it’s the most emotionally-based. It’s how we present the product to the potential buyers in the marketplace. The packaging can leave you cold, or full of warm fuzzies. In real estate, the name we give packaging is “staging.”

Meet me at the office. No, really.

I’ve been doing this far too long to not know that in the long run everyone — you included — will ultimately save loads of time and effort if we all calm down, slow down and start at the beginning.

My facebook pages

I told you in this post that I was sorting through all my various social […]

New post style

As a professional in real estate business, I read and receive a lot of information […]


It is the mantra of people who missed a great deal. It’s the theme song […]

Failing this test has big consequences

One of the challenges buyers are having with financing might be their own understanding of […]

Searching the real estate listings

Given that technology is a beast that can apparently never be satisfied, the next logical step was to allow easier access to the real estate listings by people outside the real estate companies. The information in the real estate listings database is valuable, and had always been considered sacred. For real estate companies to willingly allow outside users access to the information was a huge paradigm shift in the real estate business.

You gotta know what you own

By now, you have no doubt heard about the two foreclosures that were overturned by […]

The best gift

The holiday season is quickly drawing to a close, and I hope yours has been […]

Buy low, sell high . . . and lose

We all know the drill, don’t we, that the key to success with financial investments […]

Social media, its magic, and how I use it

It often strikes me how different the business environment is today than it was when I graduated […]

No surprises

It is everyone’s job to make sure that every requirement has been met and every contingency has been removed. Closings should be a very simple — if somewhat tedious — affair. Everyone coming into the closing room should be absolutely certain of the eventual outcome. No surprises.