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Narrowing the focus

There’s a concept in sales known as “niche marketing” that holds that greater success comes from dropping the jack-of-all-trades mentality, and focusing on one group of prospective clients. It might seem counter-intuitive to think that more success might come from fewer potential sources of business, but I do believe it will be the case.

A week of floods, and a day of reflection on community

It’s been a pretty nasty week in Colorado. It’s hard to fathom the damage, based upon what we experienced here in my neighborhood, just a few miles down the road. The weather station in my neighborhood reported well less than four inches of rain over the last week, or less than one quarter of what Boulder received in that same week. As the sun came out today, I paused to reflect not only on the floods, but their effect on the community.

It is what it is

We balance those three factors — product, price and packaging — so that we can achieve a seller’s goal: highest price in the shortest time with the fewest challenges. If the product is lacking in some capacity or another, we have to fix it somehow. Sometimes, we can physically fix the product (what it is and how it is), but sometimes, such as with a poor location, we can’t. Then, we have to rely on adjusting the price or the packaging.

Location, location, location

Location, of course, is the one thing about a property that can’t be changed. Because, if ya could, it’d be a different property now, wouldn’t it? This point was driven home last week when I had a chance to sit down with a seller whose property was on the market, but not generating any interest. Not a single showing in almost three months on market, even in this crazy real estate market. Clearly something was wrong.

The story of a battle, a house and a family

Is this the house General Meade deliberated in? I honestly don’t know, but it makes a great story for me because I have a connection to that house in Maryland: my great-grandfather married his second wife in it. It was her childhood home, and she grew up there. She was a member of the Booth family.

I’m still here

The truth of the matter is that there just aren’t enough hours in the day, and the flow of work for a real estate broker ebbs and floods. When it’s flooding, some things — like blogging — just have to take a back seat to the more pressing work of client care. (Can you imagine telling a client to hold on ‘cuz there’s a blog post to write? Not a conversation I’m ever going to have, that’s for certain!)

April snapshot

I’ve just calculated the current market conditions snapshot report for my market area, and I’m delighted to report that the craziness continues unabated. It’s getting crazier, in fact.

Why I left REO

Bank owned REO was a good niche for me. I understood it from the beginning because I was learning the loan business during the last mortgage crisis in the 1980’s . . . It was a mess, and I had a front-row seat. Nearly 20 years later, that experience naturally lead me to the world of REO brokerage. I got in several years early, so I was ready.

I’ve earned my pin

Through the years, I’ve learned that the one aspect of real estate that really sends folks around the bend is contract negotiation. There’s something about asking for what you want, and denying what “the other guy” wants, that just gets people all aflutter, and causes them to do things that are not necessarily in their best interest.

Renew and regrow

The process we all go through to find a home and sell real estate has changed, indeed, and I must admit that I like it better now. Today, our clients are likely to come to us already armed with a ton of knowledge that they have gleaned from the internet.

March snapshot

The real estate market is still crazy. Inventory is creeping up slowly — and that’s a good thing — but last month we sold over 50% more properties than we did in February, so we cut deeply into what little inventory we had. Right now, we have less than a five-week supply of homes for sale.

I had an epiphany today

For any given market, the total time it takes to go through the entire process of selling real estate is about the same for all properties. Which is better for you, physical or emotional work?

This real estate market is crazy!

So what is the absorption rate telling us right now? Mostly that the real estate market is crazy right now. Based on the most recent calculations, it will take well less than two months to completely wipe up — to absorb — all the current listings. In Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree, where there are less than 200 active listings, it will take just over a month to sop everything up.

Real estate as an investment

Just as your home and your body are systems unto themselves, they are also part of a the greater neighborhood and community. You also need to look at your home as part of other systems that are important to you: your own personal financial and comform systems.

Documenting loan transactions

Now, for 2014, the HUD-1 will be revised again, for only the second time in 40 years. This coming revision to the HUD-1 is going to be mostly formatting, but it makes the whole thing look very different, and some information is being added that I’m afraid is going to make it quite confusing until everyone gets used to the new format.

Another certification

When I say, “military housing,” I’m not referring on-base housing. I mean simply regular old, everyday homes purchased by members of the military. Why the distinction? Simply put, because members of the military operate differently than the rest of us.

I’m certified!

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