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Renting vs. buying

There are real financial advantages to owning your home. Here’s a way to figure out your situation.

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It’s still a little bizarre when someone picks up my stuff and broadcasts it, but […]

Real estate market conditions: May 28, 2012

Real estate market conditions have continued to improve here in the Denver area and around […]

Memorial Day

Enjoy your Memorial Day holiday, and please take some time to think about the meaning […]

Real estate market conditions: May 21, 2012

With the interest rates remaining at historic low levels, this truly is just about the best market you’re ever going to find to buy a new home. I urge you to take advantage of it.

New blog post calendar

To get a better focus on everything I have to do, I’m incorporating a blog editorial calendar into my working style. So far, so good, with only one snafu when a draft post was tagged, “Scheduled” and went out into the world wearing nothing but a title.

Is staging necessary?

The third variable in the selling equation is the packaging. Some marketers think this is the most important piece because it’s the most emotionally-based. It’s how we present the product to the potential buyers in the marketplace. The packaging can leave you cold, or full of warm fuzzies. In real estate, the name we give packaging is “staging.”

Meet me at the office. No, really.

I’ve been doing this far too long to not know that in the long run everyone — you included — will ultimately save loads of time and effort if we all calm down, slow down and start at the beginning.

Denver-area home inventory plunges

Denver-area home inventory plunges | Inside Real Estate News. I’ve talked about this in several […]

The real estate market is hopping

. . . the state of the current real estate market here in the Denver area. Every single one of those articles and posts tells the story of a strong market that has rebounded strongly.

Construction spending up slightly

Highlands Ranch is getting close to being built out, but there are still opportunities out […]

Taste of Highlands Ranch

Something you won’t want to miss. Be sure to mark your calendar. Taste of Highlands Ranch […]

Good News in Real Estate: Housing Market Might Be on Rise

We’ve seen it coming: Good News in Real Estate: Housing Market May Be on Rise | […]

My facebook pages

I told you in this post that I was sorting through all my various social […]

Short sales now outnumber foreclosures

Slowly but surely, the market is changing. Short sales now outnumber foreclosures, tides are turning – […]

Builders cautiously optimistic

A bit of mixed signals in the market: March housing starts fall as permits rise, builders […]

New post style

As a professional in real estate business, I read and receive a lot of information […]

Home design: 8 emerging trends

Home design: 8 emerging trends.