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Home permits soar

Denver-area home permits up 54%, 11th consecutive months of YOY improvements via Home permits soar.

Market on the move

Unless you’ve been paying close attention, you probably didn’t realize that the real estate market […]

HARP 2.0 eligibility

One of the by-products of the economic downturn and the housing collapse has been the […]

Best market ever

Two of the most common questions a real estate broker gets asked are, “How’s the […]

What I’m cooking up

So let me tell what I’m cooking up, and why I’ve been off the boards […]


It is the mantra of people who missed a great deal. It’s the theme song […]

Real estate IS moving

I regularly add new listings of properties for sale on this site, and I update […]

Keeping housing healthy

There is an interesting relationship between a good economy and a healthy housing market. Contrasted to profits from the stock market which tend to be plowed back into other investments, profits from home sales tend to be spent on consumer products that directly benefit the economy.

Seeing the value

Apparently, it is no secret around the globe that real estate in the United States […]

It’s time to get in

I’ve posted several times lately about the current real estate market, and why now is […]

Failing this test has big consequences

One of the challenges buyers are having with financing might be their own understanding of […]


I have never been without a home. As long as I have been drawing breath, […]

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung! He said with a sigh, “Prices have fallen. It’s time buy!” Yes, […]

Is this the bottom?

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been here, eh? I’ve been conducting a little […]

Getting a jump on sales data

It is human nature to want to know what’s coming. We can tolerate just about […]

Is the market turning?

We might not have reached the bottom of the market yet, but we’re getting close. If you’re trying to decide when to buy, remember that the cost of the home is more important than the price of it.

2011 Parade of Homes is getting started

The Parade of Homes has been a real estate fixture in the Denver area for […]

Searching the real estate listings

Given that technology is a beast that can apparently never be satisfied, the next logical step was to allow easier access to the real estate listings by people outside the real estate companies. The information in the real estate listings database is valuable, and had always been considered sacred. For real estate companies to willingly allow outside users access to the information was a huge paradigm shift in the real estate business.