Randall's View

The opportunities are overwhelming

Every day I’m coming across new ways to do business that had not even crossed my mind a few years ago. The possibilities are coming at me so fast — and are so exciting — it feels like my head is going to explode.

Many changes, much to do

Yes, look where I am. I’ve changed blogging platforms. Of course, that means I have created a whole new pile of work to get through. The tools I have at my disposal are improving, and I’m attempting to put them to best use.

It is now “soon”

UPDATE 05/13/2012: Time marches on, and things get updated and changed. If anything in this […]

You gotta know what you own

By now, you have no doubt heard about the two foreclosures that were overturned by […]

The situation is changing

  Not too long ago, we were in the middle of long, upward-trending market. […]

The best gift

The holiday season is quickly drawing to a close, and I hope yours has been […]

Buy low, sell high . . . and lose

We all know the drill, don’t we, that the key to success with financial investments […]

The good news is building

It’s been about two years since the bottom fell out of the economy. Since then, […]


I had the opportunity yesterday to watch a presentation that had been given last month […]

Changing directions

Trust me, my new broker and I had a conversation about how independent I could be. It’s important to me to be able to deal with my clients as if I owned the business, because really I do.

The key is starting

The key, though, is simply starting and staying focused on one thing at a time. The end will eventually present itself.

Social media, its magic, and how I use it

It often strikes me how different the business environment is today than it was when I graduated […]

No surprises

It is everyone’s job to make sure that every requirement has been met and every contingency has been removed. Closings should be a very simple — if somewhat tedious — affair. Everyone coming into the closing room should be absolutely certain of the eventual outcome. No surprises.

Getting back to work

To say that it’s been a while since I last posted would be a bit […]

Fear itself

The news we’ve been hearing lately has been frightening. On a recent Friday morning, I […]

Getting back to myself

In my case, I find the greatest sense of purpose by helping folks get into their homes. Working with buyers, especially first-time buyers, is gratifying in ways I cannot begin to describe.