Randall's opinion

“I’m the #1 real estate agent!”

I’m the person who cares most about getting you through your real estate transaction quickly, easily, and profitably. After you, no one else even comes close.

The meaning of success

The true irony of success is that those who can help us achieve it — our clients — tend to be right next to us, but we are so focused looking over the fence at those successful agents “over there” that we don’t even see them. Just as we need to align our businesses with ourselves, we need to let our clients align themselves with our businesses.

Are real estate agents honest?

This particular speaker had a few tricks up her sleeve to get people to open her emails and reply, or to call her. As she spoke, I heard a few people in the audience respond with comments like, “Omigod, that’s so clever!” (As an aside, that was not my response.)

A week of floods, and a day of reflection on community

It’s been a pretty nasty week in Colorado. It’s hard to fathom the damage, based upon what we experienced here in my neighborhood, just a few miles down the road. The weather station in my neighborhood reported well less than four inches of rain over the last week, or less than one quarter of what Boulder received in that same week. As the sun came out today, I paused to reflect not only on the floods, but their effect on the community.

The story of a battle, a house and a family

Is this the house General Meade deliberated in? I honestly don’t know, but it makes a great story for me because I have a connection to that house in Maryland: my great-grandfather married his second wife in it. It was her childhood home, and she grew up there. She was a member of the Booth family.

Why I left REO

Bank owned REO was a good niche for me. I understood it from the beginning because I was learning the loan business during the last mortgage crisis in the 1980’s . . . It was a mess, and I had a front-row seat. Nearly 20 years later, that experience naturally lead me to the world of REO brokerage. I got in several years early, so I was ready.

Renew and regrow

The process we all go through to find a home and sell real estate has changed, indeed, and I must admit that I like it better now. Today, our clients are likely to come to us already armed with a ton of knowledge that they have gleaned from the internet.

We failed today

We didn’t get the deal done. Instead, the sellers now have a foreclosure on their records, which will severely hinder their ability to purchase another home for a long time to come. The potential buyers must continue to pay rent and enrich someone else, rather than creating benefit for themselves. Meanwhile, a house sits empty, with no one to care for it, and no one to call it home.

Keeping housing healthy

There is an interesting relationship between a good economy and a healthy housing market. Contrasted to profits from the stock market which tend to be plowed back into other investments, profits from home sales tend to be spent on consumer products that directly benefit the economy.


I have never been without a home. As long as I have been drawing breath, […]