Things I've noticed

The two types of real estate agents

There are two very, very different types of real estate agents. I’ve seen each group look with disdain and complete incomprehension at the other. They are so different, they find it just about impossible to “get” the other.

The meaning of success

The true irony of success is that those who can help us achieve it — our clients — tend to be right next to us, but we are so focused looking over the fence at those successful agents “over there” that we don’t even see them. Just as we need to align our businesses with ourselves, we need to let our clients align themselves with our businesses.

The need and value of staging the kitchen

In reality, when you put your home on the market, it should feel like something you would want to live in. If it’s something you want to live in, then it’s sure to be something that someone else wants to live in.