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Military housing specialist certificateI recently received another certification that I believe will help me become a better REALTOR and provide better service to my clients. This one makes me  a Certified Military Housing Specialist.

When I say, “military housing,” I’m not referring on-base housing. I mean simply regular old, everyday homes purchased by members of the military. Why the distinction? Simply put, because members of the military operate differently than the rest of us. They have a language all their own, and their own way of doing things. They are likely to move more often, whether they want to or not. When all that is put together, the normal real estate transaction can take on a whole new flavor, and require a whole new level of understanding on the part of the real estate agent. The USA Cares organization, which provides many types of assistance to service members, felt it was important that agents understand the unique needs that come with military housing, so they developed their certification program. I agreed, signed on, learned the ropes, and earned my certification.

There really isn’t a lot of need for military housing in Highlands Ranch, but I’ve never been about consuming mass quantities. If I can help just one soldier or sailor through a trying time, I stand ready to do it, and will be honored to do so.

Let me know what you need from me.

With warmest regards,

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