Clearing out the clutter

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Calling all the crap

Calling all the crap

Lately, I’ve been noticing the crap in my office seems to be multiplying at an accelerated rate. It’s closing in on me fast. For the past few days, I’ve been making a concerted effort to deal with it so I can get back to what, for me, is “normal,” which is orderly shelves and cabinets, clear work surfaces, and a dearth of clutter.

I’ve been carving out a few minutes each day to deal with the mess. I’ve been emptying drawers, cabinets and shelves. Things no longer useful have no place to hide anymore. The detritus of old marketing campaigns and other things tried and ultimately abandoned are being called out for what they are, and eliminated from the work environment.

Most of the stuff is pretty easy to deal with. Old transaction files need to be boxed up and sent to storage. Books I no longer find useful need to be donated. Oddball stuff that, for whatever reason, has found a home in my office needs to be sent back to where it belongs. Remnants of office supplies need to be consolidated so they can be used up, trashed, or repurposed (old letterhead becomes scratch paper or packing material, etc.).

On the whole, it’s been moving along pretty efficiently, and the effect has been very nice on both productivity and emotion. Once I’m in a cleaning mood, I can quickly plow through the clutter and deal with it effectively. You’ve discovered this, too, no?

piles of old software

piles of old software

As I’m working on this little project, I’m coming up with this: piles of old software. These, unfortunately, stop me dead in my tracks. I’m never quite sure what to do with them.

On the one hand, I simply don’t need them. The software has been updated, and I’ve moved on. I just know, though, that as soon as I throw them out, disaster will strike and I’ll have to try to recreate my computer from the ground up, and I won’t have something I need. “Better safe than sorry” has been one of my mottoes for as long as I can remember, so, unfortunately, the old software seems to have a found a home.


In more ways than one.

How do you handle things like old software that you might need some day?

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