What I’m cooking up

Randall Brennan | REALTOR in Highlands Ranch

photo by Andrea Church

So let me tell what I’m cooking up, and why I’ve been off the boards for a while. To put it simply, I’ve had too many things in the works, and, as often happens nothing was getting completely done. So, I’ve been analyzing and reorganizing and sorting things out. I’ve now pretty much figured out where I need to focus more.

For quite a while now, I’ve been getting pretty deep into social media. That’s an area that has a lot going on. I’ve got business pages, profiles, and accounts on Google+Facebook , twitter, and others that are still in the works.

Most of the accounts are interconnected, so if something posts in one, it will appear or be referenced in the others, but I will always consider this site to be the hub of the network. If you’re looking for something, look here. For example, I regularly go through the twitter feed and find items I think you might be interested in and tag them. Because of the magic of the internet, those items will show up on the Stuff I Found on the Web page. When I find articles that seem interesting and relevant to real estate, I can share them to my facebook business page, and they will show up on this site as well.

Each one of these sites will have a slightly different focus, and I’m excited to get them up and running. There’s a lot of information about the market, our area, and what’s going on that I think will be easier to digest with this new set up. Feel free to visit the pages and leave comments, either here or there. I’ll be highlighting each of the accounts in future posts.

Best market ever

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