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Randall Brennan | MCNE real estate negotiation | Highlands Ranch real estate

Through the years, I’ve learned that the one aspect of real estate that really sends folks around the bend is contract negotiation. There’s just something about asking for what you want, and denying what “the other guy” wants, that just gets people all aflutter, and causes them to do things that are not necessarily in their best interest.

In my mind, one of the main reasons for hiring a real estate broker is to help you through the whole process, and guide you through a transaction that you will likely not undertake more than a few of times in your life. It just makes sense for you to seek the assistance of someone who does it every day. You don’t know what you don’t know, or even what’s changed since you learned it, but the real estate broker does.

Of all the things you don’t necessarily know, negotiation skills rank right up there in importance.  It’s true that every day you rely on negotiating skills — often without even realizing it — but when you factor in the importance of a real estate transaction, it’s good to get the help of someone who has been trained in negotiation techniques.

From my side, I think it’s important that a Realtors know those techniques and when and how to use them in order to protect and serve the client. I also feel that any skill one has can be improved, no matter how good one is. Accordingly, I spent two days this week getting certified as a Negotiation Expert.

We were warned at the beginning of class that it would leave us wiped out and exhausted, and I can tell you it did. It was like drinking from a fire hose. A lot of what was presented to us we already knew and used, if unknowingly. As I said, every skill can be improved, and that was the point of the class and the certification. It was all about reading the signs, and learning how to best respond.

And then practice.

The Certified Negotiation Expert designation is really just the first step toward a master certification. I intend to complete that path over time, but it’s not a quick process. Each step needs to be explored and absorbed before it can be fully put into place so that it provides a good foundation for the next step. For my own benefit, and especially for the benefit of my clients, I’m really looking forward to going through those steps.

Of course, if you ever need any assistance with any of this, I’m just a click or a call away. Don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to help, if you just let me know what you need from me.

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 Randall Brennan |REALTOR in Highlands Ranch

 Randall Brennan | REALTOR in Highlands Ranch

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