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Randall Brennan |realtor in Highlands RanchNow that the Labor Day holiday is past, we can start to turn our attention to the changing seasons. Here in Highlands Ranch, the view outside the window makes it obvious that the summer is drawing to a close, even if the temperatures still belie it. Slowly but surely, the changing angle of the afternoon sun makes the approach of evening more and more inviting. The heat of summer has been tinged with the crispness of autumn, telling us the cold of the holiday season is not far behind.

Taking a look at the events calendar also tells you what you already know: the seasons are changing, and, for a time at least, things are slowing down a bit. Now that the children are back in school, the near-constant supply of activities sponsored by the Highlands Ranch Community Association is diminishing for the fall season, in preparation of the always exciting and activity-packed holiday season.

Be sure to keep an eye on the events calendar that I’ve put up on the site. Right now, the focus is on activities in Highlands Ranch, but I will be adding more and more from the surrounding area as time goes by. If you have an activity that you’d like to get a little publicity for, definitely let me know. There are several ways to reach me, and you can find the most convenient below and on the contact page of this website.

In the meantime, I hope you have the opportunity to take full advantage of this little slow-down between the always-busy summer and holiday seasons. Autumn is a favorite of mine, and I truly hope you can enjoy it, too.

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 Randall Brennan | REALTOR in Highlands Ranch

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