Meet me at the office. No, really.

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The market is changing. We’ve talked about this. You can’t afford to be running around, looking and scoping all over the place while other buyers are out there snapping up the home you want to buy. You need a plan, and it needs to be efficient. That’s why you hire an agent: to keep things moving forward to the completion of your goals.

Trust me, if there’s one thing we agents know, it’s the importance of staying on task. You need to start at the beginning — Step One — and move forward in a logical, timely fashion.

By the way, just so we’re clear, looking at houses is not Step One.

This is why, when you call to see a house you’ve found, I won’t meet you there. I’m going to insist that you meet me at the office so we can talk about what you are trying to accomplish when you make a move. Trust me, I’ve been doing this far too long to not know that in the long run everyone — you included — will ultimately save loads of time and effort if we all calm down, slow down, and start at the beginning.

At Step One.

Which is meeting at the office, and getting the whole plan laid out.

Besides, we’ve moved into beautiful new offices. It’d be a shame to not use them.


I do have another reason for insisting that you meet me at the office: self-preservation. Take a look at this headline that appeared in an industry publication recently. It’s not a joke. It’s not very likely, therefore, that you’re going to get me to meet you at a house unless I know you, and know that the house in question meets the goals of your home-buying plan. It’s best for everyone.

What’s next? Take your pick.


Yeah. You should probably do at least one of those things right now.


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