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As a professional in real estate business, I read and receive a lot of information in the form of web postings, blogs, journals, newsletters, emails, updates and so on. Some of this information is important to you as the consumer, and I’ve tried to bring it to you. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day, and sometimes I simply run out of time to read, summarize, and repost information.

To address that, I’m trying out a new way to relay important information. When I come across a blog post that contains important, timely information, I’m going to just re-blog it instead of summarizing. You’ll be able to spot those posts easily because they will probably not have any kind of picture, and they will only contain a link to the original blog post (and maybe a short summary). You can also search my blog for the Reblogged posts.

I’ve already posted a couple of items this way: something about Denver’s building permits and new trends in housing. [N.B. that second “link” is broken; I believe the article was taken down.]

While this is a simple and convenient way to get information to you, it is not without its own troubles. The link might break, or the original content might be removed. If that happens, the information is not available anymore, and there is no summary of it here.

Let me know what you think about this new type of post. You can leave a comment here, or drop me a message through voice- or e-mail.


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