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home as bodyThe water meter at my house was replaced today, as part of a system-wide maintenance and upgrade scheme by the water department. There was nothing wrong with the old one, but going through the process reminded me again how much a house and all its various systems is like a body. First you start with the skeletal system (framing), add in the circulatory system (plumbing), the pulmonary system (HVAC), the nervous system (electrical), the digestive system (sewer), and wrap it all up in skin and clothing (siding and landscaping).

Systems have always fascinated me — especially when they are functioning at their best. Everything needs to work in balance for the whole thing to work optimally. Mess up one part, and the others will be affected. Let the pipes freeze in your house, and they’ll burst, causing damage to the walls and possibly the heating and electrical systems, too. We have to be diligent to keep it all working together properly.

Just as your home and your body are systems unto themselves, they are also part of a the greater neighborhood and community. You also need to look at your home as part of other systems that are important to you: your own personal financial and comfort systems.

I’ll lay odds that your home expense — including mortgage, insurance, taxes, HOA, maintenance and so forth — takes up the lion’s share of your monthly spending. Do you ever consider your home to be part of your financial system, or is it just an expense you have to pay every month?

There are those who would say that your home is not an asset so much as it is a liability. There’s a lot of validity to that argument, but you can’t deny that when the time comes to sell and you’re about to reap a financial gain, that your home really starts to look a whole lot more like an investment than a liability. It’s not an uncommon feeling to wonder if, when you’re ready to sell, there’s anything that could be done, or could have been done, to increase the value of that investment.

I’m not advocating treating your home solely as an investment and foregoing any enjoyment of it while you own it. To do that would be to truly make it a liability. You’d come to hate your own home, and that’s no way to live. Instead, look at your home as a source of physical and emotional comfort, and it will be the best investment you could ever make. Find the house that fits you best — physically, emotionally and financially — and make it your home. You’ll reap the benefits every day you own it.

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