The need and value of staging the kitchen

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Staging the kitchen

I look at a lot of homes. A LOT of homes. Without even thinking about it, I’ve noticed I’m usually drawn to the kitchen. It’s true what they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. The condition of the kitchen can make or break a showing, and that can lead to an offer — or not. Staging the kitchen is important.

I’ve heard over the years that wstaging the kitchen | homes for sale in Highlands Ranch | Randall Brennan | realtor in Highlands Ranchhen staging the home, it should look like a model home when you’re done. I’m not sure I really agree with that. I’ve also heard, especially with staging the kitchen, that ALL the counters should be COMPLETELY clear. I’ve heard that you should only be able to see “acres of countertop.” The important thing, we’re told, is that empty counters equates to spaciousness, and spaciousness leads to huge offers.

know I don’t agree with that.

In reality, “empty” means lifeless, and lifeless does not lead to huge offers.

There is no value in “lifeless.”

In reality, when you put your home on the market, it should feel like something you would want to live in. If it’s something you want to live in, then it’s sure to be something that someone else wants to live in. That’s the point of putting it on the market, right?

Take a look at these examples. Notice that they are not lifeless, but they are not empty, either. Don’t they look like something you’d like to live in?

Now, which was your favorite?

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So what’s next? Take your pick.

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