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We’ve talked a couple of times about the process of buying a home, especially when I posted about starting at the beginning, and when I fleshed out the purpose of  the initial office meeting a bit. In both of those posts, I tried to stress that buying a home does, in fact, entail a process. Over years and years, we agents have it down pretty much to a science. Everyone goes down the same path, and goes through the same steps on the road to buying a home.

The important thing to remember, though, is that not everyone does it at the same pace. Some do it all very quickly, some slowly, and others start and stop several times along the way. It’s important for an agent to know where everyone is along that path at all times, so that the next step can be planned for appropriately.

Recall that I said I would only work with five active clients at a time. With that self-imposed restriction, it is really important for me to know where everyone stands. That’s why I’m really excited to be using a new platform that keeps everyone sorted out. As I enter buyers into the system, I know where each one stands on the road to buying a home.

More importantly, the system is accessible to the buyers, so they can always see where they are, too. Every step of the way toward buying a home is clearly explained, so buyers always know what they need to do, why they need to do it, and when it needs to be done so that the process of buying a home can move forward. As buyers move through the system, they automatically learn what choices they have — or don’t have — and the options are explained to them. They become much more confident buyers. I’ve learned that when buyers know what they are doing, and why, they are more willing to move along the path toward buying a home. What trips them up is indecision, and that usually stems from simply not knowing what their options really are, or what needs to be done next. When buyers are engaged in buying a home, they take ownership of the entire process, not just the house. In the process of becoming educated buyers, they become better buyers, and that’s not a bad thing for anyone.

I’m really looking forward to putting this new system into play to help my buyers on their way toward buying a home. So far, the reviews have been really good. I’m curious to see how you will like it.

So what’s next? Take your pick.


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