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Randall Brennan, REALTOR in Highlands Ranch, homes for saleDespite evidence to the contrary, this site has not been abandoned.


The truth of the matter is that there just aren’t enough hours in the day, and the flow of work for a real estate broker ebbs and floods. When it’s flooding, some things — like blogging — just have to take a back seat to the more pressing work of client care. (Can you imagine telling a client to hold on ‘cuz there’s a blog post to write? Not a conversation I’m ever going to have, that’s for certain!)

Unfortunately, blogging even takes a back seat to some of the back-office stuff that clients are not supposed to even know exist. Things like contact managers so that I can efficiently keep track of all my prospects, clients and contacts. That kind of work is the bane of a REALTOR’s existence.

I never want to let anyone fall through the cracks, and it can just be so time-consuming to keep track of it all if a good system is not in place. Such a system is like the Holy Grail for anyone in a sales profession, and it’s critically important that it works efficiently, and, importantly, invisibly as far as the prospect, client, and contact is concerned. We REALTORS are constantly on the lookout for such a system, and when one comes along that shows some promise, we’re inclined to try it out.

Unfortunately, that often means starting our contact management over each time. That is not something to be taken lightly.

And that is exactly what I’ve been doing lately.

I do believe, though, that this time I’ve found it, so hopefully we’ll never have to have this conversation again. Lofty goal, I know, but let’s work on it.

In the meantime, let’s talk about this blog for a minute, shall we? I’ve made some (more) changes.

First, I’ve decided to put the newsy stuff — market conditions, etc. — in the monthly newsletter. Yes, I’m putting more emphasis than I ever have on the newsletter. You can read all the issues that I’ve got in the Newsletter archive. There’s a link or two there to sign up if you’d like to be notified via email as soon as they become available.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve converted some of previous blog posts to pages, so that they’ll be more readily found. The posts that have to do with understanding real estate have been converted to pages, and will be showing up on the menu as I get them fully converted.

So what does that leave for the blog itself? Mostly just my thoughts and reflections as a real estate broker.

God help you.

Of course, if you need any assistance with any of this, I’m just a click or a call away. Don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to help, if you just let me know what you need from me.

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So what’s next? Take your pick.

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  • Mark says:

    Randall I just read this morning that email is the best way to connect with your clients. So your newsletter could be the best option for you.

    • You might be right. I’ve always just let the newsletter kind of take care of itself, but lately I’ve decided to use it a bit more actively. As long as the spam filters don’t smack it too hard, I should be good. 🙂

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