The key is starting

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The strength of habits fascinates me. Two years ago, when I was starting on my blog, I easily settled into a routine of producing blog posts every few days. I looked at the world through blog-posting glasses, constantly editing my experiences into what I hoped would be meaningful posts. Even after my Great Shutdown, I maintained folders on my desktop and in my email client for stashing away blog post ideas.

Now that I am back “at it,” and working hard to rebuild my business, the blog posts are starting to reappear. I glanced through the idea folders today and found not much to work with there. Some of the ideas are so cryptic that I can’t even remember what they are. Others are just woefully out of date. No worries, though. Everyday new ideas come to me.

I have found that putting my fingers to the keyboard is the best way to sort out my thoughts. How I wish I had had a computer when I was a student! Often, by the time I am done writing, the whole point of the post is something that had never even crossed my mind when first I sat down to compose. I try very hard to make sure my thoughts and ideas flow one into another, all coming to a neat and reasonable conclusion. Sometimes, that means reworking a post for a long time before it makes any sense, or builds to any sort of point.

The key, though, is simply starting and staying focused on one thing at a time. The end will eventually present itself. I find it works that way with blogging as well as all the other routine tasks that I need to handle throughout the day and week. I have a lot of ideas on how to develop my business, but I need to explore each one individually. By perfecting each one – if that’s even possible – before I jump into the next, I’m hoping I can build a collection of logical, potentially overlapping systems that basically run themselves.

Randall Brennan, Highlands Ranch CO realtor

This blog is one of those ideas I’m developing. Another is my facebook business page. I have created it, and it is now running the way I want it to, albeit not the way I thought it would when I first started. I’ll be “launching” it in the next few days, hoping I can get enough people to “like” it so that I can get a “real” name for it, rather than the long, incomprehensible list of characters and numbers it has now. If you’d like to take a glance at it, you can find it at If you are just geeky enough, you can also use this QR code. Feel free to post any comments, and – dare I ask? – click the little “like” button.

So there it is, the beginning of my business development plan – up and running!

Once begun is half done. — Plato

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