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What makes good client relationships?

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Using a REALTOR, and working with me specifically, has got to be one of the top-three experiences you’re ever going to have. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. (Thanks, Mom!)

Seriously, let’s start with what “using a realtor” really means. A REALTOR (yes, it’s supposed to be all in caps) is a licensed real estate broker who has elected to the join the National Association of REALTORS, and abide by their Code of Ethics.

It’s important to note that a REALTOR is NOT (unless otherwise licensed and employed) a lawyer, a property inspector, a property manager, a lender, a title officer, or an escrow officer. A REALTOR is, however, expected to be capable and aware enough of each of those professions to be able to provide clients with good counsel when the need arises. Using a REALTOR, therefore, gives you one person you can consistently deal with throughout your real estate transaction.

Using a REALTOR helps you protect your sanity, whether you are buying a home, or selling your property.

Just as with any profession, using a REALTOR means finding someone who meshes with your own personality. Each of us has a slightly different way of doing things; a different method to a similar madness, if you will. You should know that I believe that a client’s relationship with a real estate agent should be based on comfort and trust. I need you to feel comfortable with me — and be able to trust me — or I won’t be able to do the best job possible, and handle your real estate negotiation in a way that achieves what’s best for you.

In return, you need to be able to tell me whole truth about your situation and your hopes and dreams as we go down the path of buying or selling your real estate. That process is filled with enough hidden traps and obstacles. It’s best not to add to the difficulty.

Only when I know what’s really going on with you, can I help you get where you really want to go, and provide with the advice and guidance you need to meet your true needs. If we’re not on the right track, we won’t get to the right destination in the best way possible.

Take a look at my privacy policy. It’s all summed up right there in that little paragraph. Your secrets are safe with me, and I won’t exploit you to further my agenda. Fair enough?

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